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Cheers to listening to oldies, but goodies! Love back in the day Bob Dylan.

Welcome to the new face of tea times. Hey, I’m a girl! I change my mind every couple weeks (riight, we all know it’s daily) about these sorts of things. Plus, I’m loving writing on here so much I’m hoping I can keep this up when I’m home. I’m sure it won’t be as interesting (if you even find it interesting now) but no matter – I’ll keep trucking along.

The need for change was also influenced by my professional communications voice, pestering me in the background with, “grr- why did I opt for a one-column approach. My widgets are waaay down at the bottom”.

And now I have this pretty lil blog all set up and it really didn’t take long at all. I also tinkered around on wordpress and cleaned up my act. I’ve learned how to adjust pictures properly (sort of) – woohoo! Thanks goes out to WordPress themes and to the blind corner that my room is perched over. Those warning honks are awesome at 3 am.  

Ooh, another Chitwan teaser. Since it’s dusty season, it was usually hazy. And there were fires in the jungle so it was smokey around sunrise and set everyday. Sounds like it only gets worse till the monsoon here and I likely won’t be able to see much of the actual Himalayan mountains while trekking in the Annapurna region. Boo. I’m sure I’ll see them from the plane at the very least! I already requested my seat to be on the left hand side when flying Kath to Pokhara. Apparently this offers some of the best views around.


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